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Hello all of you DIY Senior Picture people!  We are glad you are here to visit us.  Our goal is to show you how you can save money by taking Senior Pictures yourself!  Check out our Kindle books for a quick start. Saving money is really only part of the advantages of taking your own senior pictures.  In reality, you will be able to create something very special with your senior before they move on to bigger and better parts of their lives.  Take these last few precious moments and….

Create Something Special With Your Senior This Year!

Have you always wanted to take great pictures of your child but never knew where to start?

Do you want to create something special with your senior this year?
Do you lack the confidence to  take pictures of your senior?
Are you just scared of all of the technology involved?
Not sure how to plan a senior photo shoot?

We can help you with all of those things! Start by signing up for the free bonus section (form below), and then stick around here to learn more!  We created this site to help you learn how to take your own senior pictures.  Want to watch some videos?  Check out our YouTube channel.

Case Study--1st Location

You may be surprised what equipment will actually be needed. We are not the website that is going to tell you to run out and buy the most expensive equipment you can afford. We are going to recommend you use what you have.

Our number one rule is the best camera to use is the camera that is in your hand!

Don’t believe us?   Check out this test we did with a thrift store camera we purchased recently!

Relax! DIY Senior Pictures

There is no need to  buy a bunch of equipment to get started. Start learning on the equipment you own. It is so easy and fun.

Also, check out our Case Study of a regular family that decided to take senior pictures themselves.  In this case study we outline exactly how  this family took their own senior pictures.

Case Study Part 1

Case Study Part 2

Case Study Part 3

Case Study Part 4

You can start reading our blog right away to get some great tips on how to take your own senior pictures.

In addition to our case study, check out some other posts:

DIY Senior Pictures With A Smartphone

Improve Your Photography By Learning to See Light!

Photography Basics

Before you know it, your senior is going to be out of the house with a family of their own. Get started now to create something special with them before they are off to start their adult lives. Then you can continue to use those photography skills you are perfecting and document their lives and their children’s lives to come. You could even learn together! Maybe your senior can take a few pictures of you too!


Why DIY? The old saying goes, “If you want anything done right, do it yourself.” Most people do not have the knowledge or confidence to take their own senior portraits. That is OK, we break that down for you into steps that will make it much easier. Start by downloading our FREE eBook. This will give you the basics that you need to get started. Then come back here to our website to get some additional information and grow your senior portrait knowledge.


What have you got to lose? It is free! Go ahead, fill out your name and email below to download the free eBook.  Keep up to date with all of our free resources. All you have to do is put in your email address to prove you are human. We promise to take care of your email and not share it with anyone else. No funny business or games. Get started on your DIY journey today!

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Also, you can connect with us on our Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter.  You can even join our Facebook Group if you want to connect with other DIY Senior Picture people. What are your biggest issues getting started taking your own senior pictures?  Contact me on our Facebook Page or on Twitter. You can also leave a comment below and start a conversation here.  Thanks for checking out our site,  now get out there and get some great senior pictures!

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