A List of 5 Advantages of DIY Senior Pictures

Hi, it is me again, Rick from DIYseniorpictures.com bringing you a few quick senior picture tips.  Today we will look at five advantages of DIY senior pictures!

1) You can take senior pictures over your senior’s entire senior year! You can take the normal senior pictures in the summer and then take

some more in the fall and then take some more in the winter and then take some more in the Spring!!  Get my drift?   Try paying a photographer to do that.  That will cost you some dough!

DIY winter senior picture

Winter senior pictures can be fun and unique!

2) You shoot your senior pictures on your schedule.  No need to try to book that photographer when everyone else is, you will be doing it on your time. You want to get a picture at dusk when the light looks amazing, you don’t have to do it on a day when your photographer is available.

3) Since you are taking senior pictures your way, you will decide what poses and props to use.  Don’t get stuck with a giant plastic “year of graduation” prop like I did, use what interests you. Make your senior pictures unique.

4) You want to get a picture that expresses your artistic vision?  That is one of the best reasons to take your own senior pictures.  You can take your time and work things out so you get the perfect look to your pictures.

5) You will learn this valuable skill called photography!  Once you start sharing your work, you will be called upon by friends and family to take pictures of them and their kids.  You may even be able to pick up a little extra income down the road.


There you have it, five quick advantages to taking your own senior pictures.  What is your biggest roadblock to taking your own senior pictures?  Please leave it in the comments below and let’s talk about it.

Thanks for being a part of DIY Senior Pictures.  Need more immediate help?  Need a step by step process?  Check out our latest Kindle books.  Why not check out our bonus video section too?  Leave a comment and let's discuss your photo concerns.  Talk to you soon.

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