Always Be Aware of Your Background!

This is a DIY Senior Picture quick tip! A common mistake that many newer photographers make is NOT being totally aware of their background.

If you are not careful you could end up with some distracting elements in the background of your photo.  Distracting elements take away from your photo and frankly, make them look bad.  So what are some examples of distracting elements?  I am glad you asked, let’s take a look!


Let’s start by taking a look at this photo.  This lovely lady deserves so much better than this photo offers!  If you look closely at the distracted background, one of the things you will see is a big white public restrooms sign!   This is a distracting element!

Distracting Background

There are many distracting elements in this background, but I think the restroom sign is the worst one. It is white and contrasts with the other dark colors. So the quick tip lesson learned?  Always be aware of your background.  Move around and set the composition up differently to remove distracting elements from your background and then take the photo.  Remember, these photos are all about your senior.


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