Basic Photography: Aperture

Are you just getting started with photography?  We are here to help.   Here we will walk you through the basics to help get you started. The next basic photography term we will discuss is aperture.


Aperture is nothing more than the width of the opening of your lens.  Your lens has a setting called aperture.  Most lenses aperture settings will vary.  Let’s use one from a 50mm F1.8 as an example. The aperture settings for this lens are stated to be F1.8 to F22.  This is known as your F-stop number.  There are also several other settings in between such as F2.8, F4, F8, F11, etc.

The smaller the number the bigger the lens opening.  The higher the number the smaller the lens opening.  This is best described with a picture.


Aperture sizes

Aperture sizes


Notice how the hole size on an F1.8 is much larger that the hole size on an F22? Once you understand this basic photographic concept, you can increase your photographic creativity by miles.


That is the general explanation for aperture.  Why does this matter?  Well, we will get to that with the explanation of the exposure triangle.  There are also some really cool creative touches you can add to your photos if you are aware of aperture and depth of field.


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