Basic Photography: Composition

Are you just getting started with photography?  We are here to help.   Here we will walk you through the basics to help get you started.The next basic photography term  we will discuss is composition.


Composition is really nothing more than how to frame your shot. One thing you can be sure of is that you don’t always want to put your subject right smack dab in the center every time you shoot. It is good to mix it up a bit.  Especially if you have picked this awesome location and want to work the elements of your location into your photo.


One of the most basic rules of composition is called the rule of thirds.  You may remember this from art class. The rule of thirds states that you should divide your composition up into threes.  You can divide it into thirds vertically and horizontally. Much like the picture below:

Composition - Rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds

Now you can use some great elements of your location and line your subject up on one side or another. You could line your subject up at the right most middle square.  Let’s pretend these rocks were your subject and you wanted to line them up  a little more to the right and get more water in your picture.


Composition - right

None of these rocks are dead center. Even the middle one is higher than the center point of the photo.

Not even the middle rock is in the dead center of the photo.  If is a bit higher up in the vertical thirds.  You can tell that this adds a bit more interest to the photo by allowing more of the dark water to be seen.


Here is another example of interesting composition.  The brushes appear to be coming from the top left corner of the  photo.  Who though paint brushes laying on a table could be interesting.  Gathering them together and turning your camera to catch them at an angle provides the interest.


Interesting Composition

Interesting Composition

The whole point of this discussion is to get you thinking about trying different things.  When you are taking pictures, take a few steps to the side and try it again.  Get down low or at a different angle and try it again.  Always be on the move, you may get your best shot ever.


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