DIY Senior Pictures: A Parents Point of View

Let’s take a quick look at the senior picture situation from a parent’s point of view.  There are many tasks you have to complete to get this whole senior picture thing rolling.

  1.  You have to find a good photographer
  2. You have to help your senior find appropriate clothes to wear for the shoot
  3. You have to provide transportation and parental supervision during the shoot
  4.  You have to play the role of artistic director for your photographer
  5. You have to sit through the sales presentation and determine which pictures to buy
  6. You have to finance the entire operation!


Let’s go over those individually.  First (1), you have to find a good photographer.  This is actually much harder than it sounds.  Since all cameras went digital, the difficulty of the technical side of photography has decreased.  Now, anyone off the street can walk in and buy a nice camera and call themselves a photographer.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  It opens up opportunities for people to really expand their knowledge.  The problem comes with people not really being completely honest about their skill set.  You will run into so many different types of photographers.  We are a weird bunch, and I can say that because I am one.    Don’t get me wrong, they will spend tons of money on camera equipment, but that is usually because they love cameras and want the latest and greatest one.  Most cameras coming out these days are doing the latest HD video battles and their photo settings don’t change much anymore except for maybe ISO sensor settings.  The point is, things are changing constantly and you don’t need a fancy camera anymore to take a decent portrait.   Take a look at this example—


Mobile Phone Photo

Mobile Phone Photo

This picture was taken with my mobile phone. We just set this up quickly in the backyard.  Imagine if we would have taken the time to set it up with an awesome background and a reflector.  You don’t need to imagine that, we will show you here at DIY Senior Pictures!  Stayed tuned for the videos!


Next (2), you have to help your senior plan for the photo shoot.  You have to help him or her get clothes ready, after all you can’t have the same outfit on in every picture!  You also have to help plan during what poses will these certain outfits be worn.  The point of this one is that there is planning involved even if you have a photographer.  Now that photographer can help you with that, but you don’t need that, you have to help you with your planning!


You also have to (3) provide transportation and supervision during the shoot.  Nobody wants their daughter coming back from a photo shoot saying she is going to prom with the nice new photographer.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this happens, I am just making a point. My point here is, you are in charge if you go the DIY way.  You will decide the poses, the clothes and the interaction with the photographer, which will most likely be you or someone you trust closely.  You will control the situation.  I know I would rather take my daughters senior pictures my way under my supervision.  And I would own all of the digital copies!

Ahhh, providing the artistic role (4). This is my opinion is the best part.  You have spent hours on Pinterest looking at senior pictures of others, now is the time to go make your favorite ones happen.  When you work with another photographer, you will have his or her ideas to work from.  And you know what? They are probably the same for just about everyone they encounter, at least partially.  Here is where the DIY route can really pay off, you know your child better than anyone.  You can come up with some creative ideas to work in his or her interests and hobbies.  When you go DIY, no need to step in and tell the photographer that “we are not doing that” when it come to their vision.

Oh no! Not the sales presentation (5).  Please tell me that photographer wants to setup a projector in your house to show you your child’s picture.  “See how nice it looks that big?  You should order an 24×36 print at $779…..”   I don’t like sales presentations and I really don’t like giving them either, but as a photographer, if you want to eat and have your business survive, you will give a sales presentation, and you will learn how to give a good one.  When you go DIY, you have no sales presentation, you just have the satisfaction of looking at your child’s pictures that the two of you created together.

Yikes!  Get out the checkbook (6), this is going to be expensive!  I don’t even have to go into this one very much.  You all know how expensive it is to have a photographer take senior pictures.  When you go DIY, you save!


So I ask you, mom or dad….What is keeping you from taking DIY senior pictures?  Is it that you feel like you don’t have a good enough camera?  Is it that you don’t know enough about photography or photo editing? Maybe you feel like you don’t have a good enough artistic vision? Well, don’t worry, you have come to the right place.  We have everything here you will need to get you setup to go the DIY route.  We have many free resources to get you started.  We even show you how you can take these pictures with your smartphone. We are currently making basic, moderate, and advanced videos to help you take DIY senior pictures.  Those will all be show up soon on here under the products menu item.  You don’t have to wait for them, get started right now by filling out the form below to start getting our free eBook and videos.

What is holding you back?  What is keeping you from doing the DIY thing?  Leave it in the comments below and let’s talk about it.

Thanks for being a part of DIY Senior Pictures.  Need more immediate help?  Need a step by step process?  Check out our latest Kindle books.  Why not check out our bonus video section too?  Leave a comment and let's discuss your photo concerns.  Talk to you soon.

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