How To Take Your Senior Pictures – Case Study – Part 4

Hi all of you DIY Senior picture people!  It is another fun day of photo editing in our family case study.  If you don’t remember, we have a family that went all DIY on their daughter’s senior pictures.  You can read the previous parts at the link below.

Case Study Part 1

Case Study Part 2

Case Study Part 3


In this part we discuss how to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom.  I love Adobe Lightroom!  It makes photo editing very simple.  All you have to do is manipulate a series of sliders to make adjustments in your photos.  Now, some of you might be saying “But Lightroom cost money????!!!” .  That is true, Lightroom does cost money, but it makes photo editing so easy, it is worth every penny.  I think the biggest advantage of Lightroom is the learning curve is very brief.  It also saves you large amounts of time when it comes to editng photos.  Enough, let’s get to the free info!

I made this video for you to show you how easy it is to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom.  You manipulate a series of sliders to make adjustments.  Look for many more videos about Lightroom coming from me in the future!  Enjoy the free video!

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