Photographer Shaming Needs to Stop

Stop Photography ShamingForgive my brief tangent from the normal senior picture posts, but this is relevant to you guys that are starting out. I need to discuss photographer shaming. This needs to stop.  Just because a lady is walking around with a nice camera does not immediately describe she does not know what she is doing.  For those of you that don’t know, MWAC is a derogatory name some cranky photographers have given to some moms that are out there photographing.  It stands for “Mom With A Camera”.  This really gets me going. First of all, you really don’t have any idea what that person knows and what they don’t by looking at them. And next, why would you want to shame or stop anyone from learning an art new to them?

They want you to stop because you (MWAC!) are interfering with their livelihood.  You are threatening their income.  Times are changing, and they don’t like it.  Now is the time to embrace the change, or be negative and call people names.

I used to hang with photographers more in the past than I do these days. I joined camera clubs, I went on social shoots, and generally just hung out with some of these people.  This is where I first heard these negative terms.

There have been so many technological advances in photography that the learning curve is definitely dropping. With a little determination and patience, anyone can learn photography. Anyone with enough gusto can become an excellent photographer. The barriers to entry are the lowest they have been in years.  I am not implying it is easy or automatic in any way to become a good photographer, I am merely stating it is not all black magic and potions like many would want you to think.

I should know.  I started out several years ago as a DWAC, or a “dad with a camera”.  That is right, I started with my first digital camera purchase when my oldest son was just a baby. ( he is 18 now).  Ever since that day I have been working to get better.  Along the way, I checked out many books in the local library, I read many websites, I joined local camera clubs and went on photo walks. I have invested many, many hours in photography.  As long as I am breathing, I will always be working to get better with my photographic craft.  In my mind I will always be an apprentice, I will always be learning new and wonderful things as the new technological photography world evolves.

My whole point here is the best way to stop this negative behavior is to get out there and fight it by pushing on!  Keep shooting and never stop learning or trying new things.  Most of all, never listen to the negative banter.  We here at DIY Senior Pictures will provide you a safe and caring place from photography shaming. We will provide you those tools to help you learn new things and boost your confidence. You can do this! Keep on….

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