Everyone Always Asks….

Everyone always asks what kind of camera I use.  If you have been around here long enough, you know that I will often tell you to get started with the camera that you own.  Gear does not matter.  Your imagination matters! But, people still ask!  I have started a static equipment recommendation page.  This lists […]

What Are The Best Portrait Lenses?

When it comes to taking great portraits, equipment really does matter!  It does not have to necessarily be expensive equipment, but you will need certain equipment to get a good portrait look. If you know anything about me, you know I favor old manual focus lenses.  aka lens hacking….  But I am actually considering buying […]

We Can Prove Your Camera Does Not Matter! Any Camera Can Take A Great Picture.

Recently, my daughter approached me and asked me to take her shopping at Goodwill (that’s my girl!).  She wanted to get some picture frames.  She had recently created some artwork and wanted to frame it.  Of course, her being my kid, she wanted to get some old frames and paint them the way she wanted […]