Do Panoramic Portraits Really Work?

I did a little more experimenting on my last senior picture shoot.  I was with a great kid that wanted a few pictures in his local basketball gymnasium.  My first thought was “Great, everyone knows how horrible the light is in a gym so I will need to find a way to power through this […]

Why are guy’s senior pictures different?

We are in the height of senior picture taking season right now.  I just had a session with a special kid myself.  Of course, I realize that taking guy’s senior pictures is really different, many people, especially DIY’ers may not.  I realize that most males, are just not into the senior picture scene like many […]

Male Senior Pictures

Doing a senior picture of a male seems more difficult to me.  The guys don’t usually look forward to it as much as the girls.  It is a shame, because if the would just use a little imagination, they could really create some awesome photos. This picture below is a normal male senior photo.  There […]