Need a Quick Guide to Taking Your Own Senior Pictures?

I know you are busy, we are all very busy, I get that.  You want to take your own senior pictures, but feel like you don’t have the time to figure it all out.  That is why we made a quick guide that is available in Kindle format.  DIY Senior Pictures With Your Camera will […]

Create At Least One “Timeless” Senior Portrait

One of the benefits of DIY senior pictures is to experiment and do them your way.  If you have read anything on this website, you know that is our mantra!  Experiment and do things your way.   Although, in this post I think I will take another view.  I am taking the view of the future […]

Do Panoramic Portraits Really Work?

I did a little more experimenting on my last senior picture shoot.  I was with a great kid that wanted a few pictures in his local basketball gymnasium.  My first thought was “Great, everyone knows how horrible the light is in a gym so I will need to find a way to power through this […]

Why are guy’s senior pictures different?

We are in the height of senior picture taking season right now.  I just had a session with a special kid myself.  Of course, I realize that taking guy’s senior pictures is really different, many people, especially DIY’ers may not.  I realize that most males, are just not into the senior picture scene like many […]

DIY Senior Pictures With Your Smartphone

Our latest eBook, DIY Senior Pictures With Your Smartphone, will be released for sale tomorrow.  Learn how to take high school senior pictures with your smartphone. You can get a 30% discount by using the discount code “masterpiece” during the launch of our new product.   Parents, enjoy an extra special moment with your child […]

DIY Portraits With Your Smartphone–How To Video Basics

Hi!  UPDATE: We have an official product released  to help you take your senior portraits. Buy Now! We created a short video for you to explain the basics of how to take portraits with your smartphone.  Check it out below. Here are the tools we used in this video: Buy Now! 1)  A Smartphone tripod […]

Photography Success! Planning Your DIY Shoot

Preparation is one of the most important exercises you can do to get ready for your shoot. Planning your DIY senior portrait shoot out will make it go much more successfully, There are many ways you should  get ready for your shoot.  These can be from many days to sometimes weeks before and then again […]

Parents: Learn Photography With Your Kids

Parents, you can handle this DIY senior picture thing, you’ve got this.  Now why not take this opportunity to learn with your child? I have been doing this for several years now.  As I stated before, I always have considered myself an apprentice when it comes to photography. I always will learn new things when […]

Create Awesome Unique Portraits

Sometimes your senior does not want what we would call a normal senior picture.  Sometimes she may want to express her artistic vision.  As seen in this picture, this senior wanted this shot in her portfolio.  This was not easy to setup and it required us to go to a special location to get the […]

Senior Picture Ideas: Creative Brainstorming

Are you looking for senior pictures ideas? There are some really easy ways to find some.  The easiest way is on Pinterest.  There are several senior pictures pinned on soooo many boards on Pinterest.  Just put senior picture in the Pinterest search bar and you could be lost for days.   So for the rest […]