How to take your senior pictures: Case Study-Part 3

If you missed part one or part two of this case study, I highly recommend you go back and read those quickly. We continue to follow our DIY Senior Picture family on their journey of taking DIY Senior pictures.  Here, the Dad, Scott delves into the editing process.  But before we get too into that, […]

How to take your senior pictures: Case Study-Part 2

If you stumbled here without reading part one of this case study, you can read that here.   Onward to part two! Thanks to the great family that allowed me to follow along on their DIY Senior Picture outing.  This is part two of our case study where we show you exactly how this family took […]

How to take your senior pictures: Case Study-Part 1

It was another great day of shooting senior pictures.  I went along with a family that wanted to try DIY Senior pictures.  On this adventure we had the dad, Scott, mom Mamie. and Senior Cassie. Scott and Mamie borrowed a camera from relatives.  They  borrowed a Canon T3 with a kit lens.  I also lent […]

Smartphone Editing…

All of you smartphone photographers out there…  Have you been using Snapseed to edit your photos?  If no, you really need to check it out. Snapseed is a powerful piece of software made by Google.  It is available for the iPhone or the Android. First a little history, Google purchased Nik software which made filters […]

Male Senior Pictures

Doing a senior picture of a male seems more difficult to me.  The guys don’t usually look forward to it as much as the girls.  It is a shame, because if the would just use a little imagination, they could really create some awesome photos. This picture below is a normal male senior photo.  There […]

A List of 5 Advantages of DIY Senior Pictures

Hi, it is me again, Rick from bringing you a few quick senior picture tips.  Today we will look at five advantages of DIY senior pictures! 1) You can take senior pictures over your senior’s entire senior year! You can take the normal senior pictures in the summer and then take some more in […]

DIY Senior Pictures: A Parents Point of View

Let’s take a quick look at the senior picture situation from a parent’s point of view.  There are many tasks you have to complete to get this whole senior picture thing rolling.  You have to find a good photographer You have to help your senior find appropriate clothes to wear for the shoot You have […]

Our Facebook Page is Now Active!

We will also be sharing content on our Facebook page to try to get the word out about our website. Please visit our Facebook page click the like button to help us get the word out!

Can I Really Take Senior Pictures With A Tablet or Smartphone?

Yes you can!  One of the most important lesson you will learn as you start getting into photography is to use the camera that you have in your hand.  Many people will never get started because they think that their camera is not good enough.  It does not matter what camera you have, what matters […]


Create Something Special With Your Senior This Year!  Our free eBook, DIY Senior Portraits Quickstart Guide is now available!   Have you always wanted to take pictures of your senior but never knew where to start? Have you always wanted to learn what equipment you need to get started? Do you lack the confidence to […]

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