Should You Take Senior Couples Portraits?

I know it is not prime senior picture time right now in this cold winter weather, but I need to share some more fun with you guys! It has been a whirlwind month for me working on some other photography projects, but I wanted to share this quick thought with you.  People often ask me, […]

What Are The Best Portrait Lenses?

When it comes to taking great portraits, equipment really does matter!  It does not have to necessarily be expensive equipment, but you will need certain equipment to get a good portrait look. If you know anything about me, you know I favor old manual focus lenses.  aka lens hacking….  But I am actually considering buying […]

How to Light a Natural Portrait

Are you looking to create a nice timeless portrait like we discussed before?  Great, let’s learn how to light this portrait out side.  You will only require one piece of equipment, a large portable reflector. If you have never worked with one of these reflectors, prepare to be amazed at the results!  If you shoot […]

Create At Least One “Timeless” Senior Portrait

One of the benefits of DIY senior pictures is to experiment and do them your way.  If you have read anything on this website, you know that is our mantra!  Experiment and do things your way.   Although, in this post I think I will take another view.  I am taking the view of the future […]

Do Panoramic Portraits Really Work?

I did a little more experimenting on my last senior picture shoot.  I was with a great kid that wanted a few pictures in his local basketball gymnasium.  My first thought was “Great, everyone knows how horrible the light is in a gym so I will need to find a way to power through this […]

Why are guy’s senior pictures different?

We are in the height of senior picture taking season right now.  I just had a session with a special kid myself.  Of course, I realize that taking guy’s senior pictures is really different, many people, especially DIY’ers may not.  I realize that most males, are just not into the senior picture scene like many […]

Creating a Panoramic Senior Portrait

Here is a sneak peek of a project that is included in the soon to be released video course.  In the course we show you how to create and edit a unique panoramic portrait step by step.  I have to say that when I first saw this, I thought it was a bit gimmicky.  I […]

What Camera Should I be Using?

The question that is most asked on many photography websites….  What camera should I use?  My answer to this question is often unpopular with beginning photogs.  My answer to this question is to use the camera that you have in your hand.   If you are not sure what you are doing, you can start […]

DIY Portraits With Your Smartphone–How To Video Basics

Hi!  UPDATE: We have an official product released  to help you take your senior portraits. Buy Now! We created a short video for you to explain the basics of how to take portraits with your smartphone.  Check it out below. Here are the tools we used in this video: Buy Now! 1)  A Smartphone tripod […]

Photography Success! Planning Your DIY Shoot

Preparation is one of the most important exercises you can do to get ready for your shoot. Planning your DIY senior portrait shoot out will make it go much more successfully, There are many ways you should  get ready for your shoot.  These can be from many days to sometimes weeks before and then again […]