Create Something Special With Your Senior This Year!  Our free eBook, DIY Senior Portraits Quickstart Guide is now available!   Have you always wanted to take pictures of your senior but never knew where to start? Have you always wanted to learn what equipment you need to get started? Do you lack the confidence to […]

Why DIY? Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Own Senior Pictures.

Why would you want to take your own Senior Pictures?  Great question.  Let’s make a list!   1) You are not paying for someone else’ time or expertise. Let’s face it, senior pictures are expensive. And when you hire a photographer, you are limited to  an amount of time for the shoot?  Need more time, […]

DIY Senior Pictures in 5 Steps

Check out this Senior Shot I did some time ago.  I had this picture in my head before I even started shooting.  You see I know this girl very well.  She is my niece. She is a very gifted artist.  She grew up near this railroad track and I new I wanted to incorporate it […]