Need a Quick Guide to Taking Your Own Senior Pictures?

I know you are busy, we are all very busy, I get that.  You want to take your own senior pictures, but feel like you don’t have the time to figure it all out.  That is why we made a quick guide that is available in Kindle format.  DIY Senior Pictures With Your Camera will […]

How To Use A Portable Reflector To Improve Your Senior Pictures

Hello all you DIY Senior Picture people!  We have put together a new video to help you take better senior pictures.  In this video we show you how to use a very inexpensive portable reflector to improve the light in your portraits.  This is one piece of equipment that will give you the most bang […]

Raw editing coming to IOS?

I was catching up on my podcasts this morning when I heard that raw editing will be available in Apple’s IOS 10. This to me sounds like a big step forward for mobile editing. Some of you may be asking, what is raw editing? Let’s start at the beginning.  Many cameras will have the ability […]

Our Book is Live on the Kindle Store

Our book is finally live on the Kindle Store.  Need a step by step quick guide to taking your own senior pictures?  Look no further, we created this book for you.   In this book you will learn everything from photography basics, scouting locations, seeing light, editing and much more.  Click the cover below to […]

Everyone Always Asks….

Everyone always asks what kind of camera I use.  If you have been around here long enough, you know that I will often tell you to get started with the camera that you own.  Gear does not matter.  Your imagination matters! But, people still ask!  I have started a static equipment recommendation page.  This lists […]

Always Be Aware of Your Background!

This is a DIY Senior Picture quick tip! A common mistake that many newer photographers make is NOT being totally aware of their background. If you are not careful you could end up with some distracting elements in the background of your photo.  Distracting elements take away from your photo and frankly, make them look […]

Google Release Nik Effects for Free!!!!

Google has released the full collection of Nik Software for free.  Hurry, download it now! If you have read previous posts on this blog you know that is how I really got into photo retouching.  We will start creating several tutorials to show you the power of the Nik collection. These are filter plugins […]

Photography Basics–Exposure Explained

Hello all!  Today we are going to cover a basic photography lesson.  In this post we will discuss exposure! Exposure in general terms is the measurement of light in a photograph.  If a photo has too much light, or is too bright, we call that over exposed.  If a photo has too little light or too […]

Bokeh Dots!

We are getting material ready for another Kindle book we will be writing soon.  This book will be about DIY Senior Picture Projects!  We plan to have a series of projects to walk you through taking your own senior pictures.  This is will include all of the setup and layout involved in taking the picture, […]

Take Your Own Senior Pictures With Any Camera

Hello all of you DIY Senior Picture crew!  I am happy to announce today that our new book, Take Your Own Senior Pictures With Any Camera, will be released on Amazon and other book outlets  in about one month. We are excited to finally offer you a complete reference about the entire process of taking […]