How To Get The Blurry Background With A Point and Shoot Camera

Hello all!  We have been in the DIY Senior Picture’s lab for the last few days running some tests.  This test is for those of you that don’t have an interchangeable lens camera.  Since you don’t have one of these fancy camera’s you probably don’t have a really fast lens.  No problem! We are going to […]

Should You Take Senior Couples Portraits?

I know it is not prime senior picture time right now in this cold winter weather, but I need to share some more fun with you guys! It has been a whirlwind month for me working on some other photography projects, but I wanted to share this quick thought with you.  People often ask me, […]

Improve Your Senior Pictures By Learning to See Light

Thanks for joining us today!! Let’s take a look at what kind of light can make our senior portraits better. One of the most powerful tools you will use as a senior portrait photographer is your ability to see different light situations. Just being aware of these situations will give you the photography advantage over […]

We Are Releasing a New eBook!

We are releasing a new eBook in our Free Bonus Content section.  The eBook covers from A-Z on how to DIY your senior pictures.  Below is a preview of the sections of the book: Introduction Equipment Basics Seeing Light Photography Basics Preparation and Planning The Day of Shooting The Most Out of Post What’s Next? […]

We Are Releasing Free Bonus Content!

We are releasing a free bonus members area available only to subscribers of our site. Our exclusive content including videos, tutorials, and guides will be released in the bonus section before they are released at any other media outlet.   How can you get access to the FREE bonus content? I am glad you asked! All […]

Shooting In Winter Weather

Now that the winter is coming, people often ask if it is worth shooting in the overcast blah light.  My short answer, of course it is! The overcast weather is just built in soft light!  The clouds will act as a giant diffuser, so there is no need to go running towards the shade.  You […]

What Are The Best Portrait Lenses?

When it comes to taking great portraits, equipment really does matter!  It does not have to necessarily be expensive equipment, but you will need certain equipment to get a good portrait look. If you know anything about me, you know I favor old manual focus lenses.  aka lens hacking….  But I am actually considering buying […]

How to Light a Natural Portrait

Are you looking to create a nice timeless portrait like we discussed before?  Great, let’s learn how to light this portrait out side.  You will only require one piece of equipment, a large portable reflector. If you have never worked with one of these reflectors, prepare to be amazed at the results!  If you shoot […]

Helpful Tips To Pose A Face

One useful tool to have in your DIY Senior bag of tricks is to know how to pose a face.  Unfortunately, this is not as easy as at it would seem and often times makes your senior feel a bit weird.  It seems that everyone has a little flaw that they don’t to show up […]

Create At Least One “Timeless” Senior Portrait

One of the benefits of DIY senior pictures is to experiment and do them your way.  If you have read anything on this website, you know that is our mantra!  Experiment and do things your way.   Although, in this post I think I will take another view.  I am taking the view of the future […]

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