COMING SOON!!!DIY Senior Pictures Video Courses

We are currently building  DIY Senior Picture video courses to help you get better results with your senior pictures.  The courses will be released in the following order:

  1. Editing your DIY Senior Pictures
  2. DIY Senior Picture Projects
  3. DIY Senior Pictures With Your Smartphone


We are currently building the Editing DIY Senior Pictures video course.  We will cover three types of editing software, Adobe Lightroom, Pixlr Express, and Snapseed on the mobile platform.  This video course will be released in the late summer of 2016.


DIY Senior Picture Projects course will be released in late 2016.  It will cover taking a total of 10 different types of senior portraits from easy to advanced.  Learn how to take basic headshots to taking complicated bokeh dot pictures!


Our final course will be released in spring of 2017.  This will be a beginner course to teach you how to take professional looking senior portraits with your smartphone.


Stay tuned for more updates.  These courses will be released with our Kindle books of the similar titles.