We Can Prove Your Camera Does Not Matter! Any Camera Can Take A Great Picture.

Recently, my daughter approached me and asked me to take her shopping at Goodwill (that’s my girl!).  She wanted to get some picture frames.  She had recently created some artwork and wanted to frame it.  Of course, her being my kid, she wanted to get some old frames and paint them the way she wanted them in a good old fashioned DIY way!

We hopped in the car and drove to the closest Goodwill store.  She found some frames and we were ready to pay.  Of course, since I am such a nerd, I had to checkout the electronics section. In the electronics section I found an old Nikon Coolpix 4100 digital camera.  This is circa 2004 digital camera technology, so you know it is not going to be great.  The price tag?  $2.99!  This gave me a great idea!


I am always saying on this website about it does not matter what kind of camera you have and you can take some great pictures too. We decided to run a little experiment here at DIY Senior Pictures.  We are going to use our new to us camera that we purchased at Goodwill to take a senior portrait.  Time to put my money where my mouth is…..even though it is only $2.99!


To show you, we created this video for you to prove you can take awesome pictures with a $2.99 camera from Goodwill.   Check out the video below:

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