Why are guy’s senior pictures different?

We are in the height of senior picture taking season right now.  I just had a session with a special kid myself.  Of course, I realize that taking guy’s senior pictures is really different, many people, especially DIY’ers may not.  I realize that most males, are just not into the senior picture scene like many girls.  They usually just want a few pictures and that is it.

I will be sharing a few more pictures from this session over the next few weeks. For this particular post, I want to highlight a few tips to keep in mind when you are taking male senior pictures.

  1. Plan very well!

Most of the males I photograph for senior pictures do not have the same tolerance that the females do.  They don’t want to talk about these great shots you could get or some  cool poses, they truly want to take a few shots and get on with their life.  That is why it is essential that you plan well and get flow going.  If you can research and plan your shots ahead of time, your session will go much more smoothly.  For more about planning, read this.

2. Limit your outfit choices.

This one seems obvious to me, but guys to not typically like to change clothes as many times as the girls do.  Find a few good outfits and make them work

male senior pictures

3. Plan your poses.

Let’s face it, the males just are not confident posing.  I was asked over and over by this young man “What do I do with my hands??”  My first goal was to get him to relax!  Talk with them about their interests and get them to calm down in front of the camera.

4. Don’t over edit the skin.

You can soften the male skin slightly in post processing, but don’t not too much!  I have a strong opinion that too much skin softening makes the men look too unnatural, but you your mileage may vary!

male senior pictures

5. Always nail the focus on the eyes.

This one is obvious, but in the mix of all the things to remember can be easy to forget.  Always make sure you nail the focus on your subjects eyes.  There is nothing more frustrating than have a great picture and the focus on your subjects eye’s is soft.

So there you have it, five quick tips for taking your favorite guys senior pictures. What is your biggest barrier to taking your senior pictures?  Leave a comment and let’s discuss it.

Thanks for being a part of DIY Senior Pictures.  Need more immediate help?  Need a step by step process?  Check out our latest Kindle books.  Why not check out our bonus video section too?  Leave a comment and let's discuss your photo concerns.  Talk to you soon.

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